Located in the south-east of Kent, Folkestone is a popular town which attracts visitors from all over. International UK visitors frequently hop down from London to pay this jewel in the Garden of England a visit, as well as being a favourite hotspot among UK ‘staycationers’. 

If you are in Folkestone or are planning a visit, you will need to narrow down your options and find the best things to do around Folkestone. To help you have a great time as a solo traveller, a couple or as a family, here are ten of our favourite places you should make sure to stop by when you visit. 

1. The Leas Promenade

Take a stroll across this mile-long clifftop walk with breathtaking views over The Channel. This flagship promenade is decorated with colourful flower beds and ornate periodic properties to marvel at on your way.

2. Folkestone’s Creative Quarter

Creative and enigmatic quarters aren’t just for the bustling cities of mainland Europe. Folkestone has its own creative quarter which is set on a picturesque cobbled street. It’s not to be missed on any Folkestone itinerary.

3. Sunny Sands

When the weather approves, take yourself down to Sunny Sands Beach which is exactly as the name suggests. This clean sandy beach is an oasis for sandcastle construction, dips in the cool ocean or just an excuse to catch some sun alongside some great views.

4. Quarterhouse

The Quarterhouse in Folkestone is a diverse venue hosting theatre performances, public talks and lectures on art, science, technology to name but a few. Their schedule is always changing you’ll always be sure to learn something new during a visit. but for those looking but fun and enlightenment is always on the cards.

5. Folkestone Museum

Browse an interesting and rich selection of artworks and artefacts at Folkestone Museum. Ranging from different periods and all having their own tales to tell, there is always something to learn with a trip to this local museum.

6. The Tower Theatre

Spend an evening with laughs and gasps at The Tower Theatre in Folkestone. This modern theatre frequently hosts classic shows and new performances that the whole family will love. They also run a jazz club for music lovers to enjoy!

7. Terlingham Vineyard

Embark on an afternoon at this family-run vineyard for a tour of the winery and to take in exceptional views of the area. After your tour, you will be invited back to the marquee and hosted by expert wine tasters who will help you appreciate some great tasting wine samples.

8. Caesar’s Camp

Caesar’s Camp is an impressive geologic formation and a previous Anglo-Saxon settlement. With outstanding views and nearby trails, a visit here is the perfect way to escape your busy life. When the weather is clear, you can even see the French coast.

9. Silver Screen Cinema Folkestone

If the weather has dampened your spirits, you can perk them up again at the best local cinema. However, this is no ordinary cinema. The previous town hall has been converted into a cinema decorated with red velvet and golden furnishings for viewings that will make you feel like a royal.

10. The Harbour Arm

End your exciting day in Folkestone with a bite to eat at the vibrant Harbour Arm. There are plenty of delicious eateries to choose from and always a warm and friendly atmosphere to immerse yourself in.

There really is something for everyone in Folkestone. However, if you need somewhere to stay during your visit, consider staying with us here at the Burlington Hotel. For more information, contact us today. 

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