From the winding cobbled streets of Canterbury providing a picturesque image of English life to the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, there are plenty of reasons to visit Kent. The Garden of England attracts tourists from near and far. After a day exploring, there are few better ways to enjoy your evening than with a hearty meal and some locally produced gin. 

Thankfully Gin lovers have plenty of options to treat their palette to in Kent. In fact, there are many local distilleries offering local Kent gins that are not to be missed… 

Chapel Down Bacchus

Created using the skins of the distilled Bacchus grape and infused with the likes of elderflower, lavender and lemon peel, this gin from the team at Chapel Down Distillery it’s the perfect combination of flavour to enjoy on a warm Kentish day. What’s more, it’s versatility means it can be used to in a variety of classic serves and cocktails. Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with lemon zest and fever-tree refreshingly light cucumber tonic

Chapel Down Pinot Noir Pink

The very same distillery is responsible for crafting the Chapel Down Pinot Noir Pink Gin, a much-loved gin of Kent. Using Pinot Noir grape skins and merging them with delicate red berries, they have made a gin that doesn’t just taste fantastic but smells great too.

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Raspberries and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Chapel Gin

Copper Rivet Dockyard

For almost 150 years, the Copper Rivet Dockyard Distillery has been refining the process to make a world-renowned gin - and they have achieved it with their own take on it.  They use a handmade copper Janet to infuse the gin’s botanicals, producing a spicy and dry gin that is hard to beat. With ingredients from Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and Africa, as well as locally sourced elderflower, this gin is certainly one not be missed for gin enthusiasts. 

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Grapefruit and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Anno Kent Dry

One of our favourites from the Anno Kent Distillery is there very own dry gin. An award-winning spirit known for its smoothness, hops, samphire and local florals all come together to create a unique yet comforting flavour. Citrus flavours combine with soft floral notes provide a gin that is crisp yet complex.

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Grapefruit and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Anno B3rry Kent Pink

The same distillery’s answer to a pink gin is something to behold in its taste and aromas. Merging juicy strawberries, elderberries and blackberries with a hint of orange and cocoa make it possible. An excellent gin for those that have a sweet tooth! Finish with tonic, mint and half a strawberry for a classic option that really brings out its fruity flavours.

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Strawberry and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Anno Sloe

The versatility of Anno Sloe is it’s greatest strength. While it’s nutty flavours can be enjoyed as a neat gin, the distillery also recommends experimenting with mixers such as lemonade,  ginger beer or prosecco for an even greater taste experience. A perfect choice for those who enjoy their gins with a port-like richness. 

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Orange Zest and Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic

Anno Sloe gin

Arwen’s Flower Gin

First created in February 2016 by the team over at Maiden Distillery, this flowery gin owes its sweet and fruity flavour to its unique distilling process. Floral botanicals are distilled with top quality grain alcohol to create a sweet-tasting spirit which is then blended with the gin to create the finished product. Enjoy with elderflower or hibiscus tonic, garnished with mixed berries or an edible flower.

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Cucumber Ribbon and Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic

Greensand Ridge London Dry

Greensand Ridge Distillery locally source all their ingredients for their London Dry gin. The fifteen different botanicals used in this gin make perhaps the most complex one on our list, yet they all come together to create a warming sweetness and delicately balanced profile. Eight of the botanicals are also sourced within one mile of the distillery among the orchards and fields the distillery own themselves! 

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Bay Leaf, Juniper Berries and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Ableforth’s Bathtub

From Kent gins to brandies, Ableforth’s Bathtub gin distillery really is exceptional in all departments. It’s creamy texture is perfect in all of Kent’s seasons with coriander and cloves breaking through to give it depth. Try it with some premium tonic and a wedge of orange for that extra special finish. 

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Orange Zest and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Bathtub gin

Canterbury Gin

As the name suggests, Canterbury Gin is home to the county’s crown jewel and offers an exquisite taste of Canterbury. Merging hops with seven botanicals such as Kentish apple, orris root, coriander seed and peels make this one of the best local Kent gins available. Juicy and citrusy, this is one gin bursting with flavour. 

Bay Tree Bar recommended serve: Try with Apple, Lemon Zest and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Canterbury gin

Sample some of Kent’s Best Gins Yourself

Want to sample some of these Kent gins yourself? Many of these great tasting gins are available at the Bay Tree Bar and Grill, located at the luxurious Burlington Hotel. For more information, contact us today, or visit us directly.

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